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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Addressing my Passion!

I learned to sew when I was about 8 when my mother taught me how to handsew a red binding on a blue circle to make a red cross cape.  The rest is history.  Couldn't stop sewing until I started my interior design business in 1984.  After that I was too busy to sew anything.  And so, in 2010, having moved my business into my home and deciding I was old enough to let things happen and start sewing again, I took a quilting class.  And boy did I ever take to quilting like a duck in water! 

I am so passionate about quilting, I now have a devoted room in my home to it and a new Viking Sapphire 875.  My husband complains I spend too much time in there but I love the creative aspect of it!  I've even talked to someone about business cards and a website.  I still have my interior design business and I will still continue to serve my clients, but I want to quilt too!  I can visualize myself moving into retirement with a quilting business.  Not a store, never a store but some other avenue of a business.  Can't get the business mind away from me. 

So as I blog and sew, I will develop!  Until next time! 

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