Interior Design

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Turkeys in the oven, haven't cooked one in years as my sister always does the cooking. However, this year she had surgery and now has a bacterial infection that won't go away. So I am cooking and taking the dinner over to share with them. They only live a few miles away. Hoping your day is a beautiful one. It is a lovely day here in FLorida! No snow and sunny! Love it here! Adding a photo of the Row along quilt I made with Lori Holt. It was sew much fun and wonderful for her to share! Check out her blog Carol


  1. I love your row quilt! It's beautiful. Great job. Border turned out great. I made one with Lori, too. Entered it is a quilt show and won a ribbon : )

  2. What a fun quilt. Row alongs are such a nice way to have a nice variety of blocks in a quilt.

  3. This quilt was the most fun for me to make!