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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


          As an interior designer, I am skilled in selecting fabrics with different patterns to come together in a pleasing combination for your home!  As I started quilting, this skill has easily transported itself into selecting fabrics for a pleasing quilt.  This is illustrated today on the Clotilde website,  When you go to this site, they have a new section featuring a trio of quilt fabrics.  I wish I was adept at transporting these pictures into this blog, but sadly I am not.  However, you can go to Clotilde and look at the 4 sets of 3 fabrics that they've put together.
          In each set, there is one statement print.  This is the largest pattern from which you will pull the colors and patterns for the other two fabrics.  My favorite is the  Sugar and Spice trio of cuts.  The statement print is a medium floral design.  The first complementary fabric is a blue background with red polka dots!  The dots repeat the circular design of the flowers and the blue pulls from the print.  The second complementary fabric is a blue and white stripe of varying widths, again a great choice!  Note that the dominant color of all three fabrics together is blue, and the accent colors are white and red.  In design, I always suggest that at least half to 2/3 of a room should be all one color or shades of one color, in this case, blue.  The other third of the room is made of accent colors, in this case, red and white.  If you follow this guide when selecting your fabrics for you next quilt, you can't go wrong!  Two thirds of your quilt should be all one color or shades of the same color and the remaining third, the accent colors. 
Happy Quilting! 

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