Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Already?

In spite of my best intentions of posting regularly on my blog, it hasn't happened. January found me sick for most of the month and there have been some personal and family issues to deal with. But, I have continued my sewing and quilting and lurking on other peoples blogs. I've joined a couple of block of the month programs and added them here. This year I'm president of my local guild and I've created a "president's challenge" where each month, a square or strip of fabric will be distributed among the members and they will be asked to create a block with it and bring it back. February's challenge was of course, the log cabin. I gave out a colorful 5" square of fabric and they are supposed to create a 12.5 inch log cabin block and bring it back. The blocks will then be put together to make charity quilts! Won't that be fun? I can't wait to see the finished blocks. All participants name will be put in a hat and whosever name is drawn will win a prize! Until March, maybe. Carol