Friday, September 8, 2017


Ive always been a goal oriented person, even if I don't write them down. I keep a lot of things in my head. A friend once told me I had a calculator in my brain and I think she is right. After 33 years in business, I can add and subtract and multiply in my head with ease. I am an interior decorator and when you measure a window for blinds or draperies, you have to get the measurement down to 1/8 of an inch. Sometimes less. It is critical, especially for an inside mount treatment.
Back to Goal setting. About 30 years ago, I went to a conference where we had a speaker on goal setting. At the time, she had about 7 goal categories on the list but I can't remember them all. Right now, I have 3 major goals I'm working on and I am juggling to keep them all in play.

1. I am still in business after 33 years but slowing down some. Clients still call for appointments and I go. When they don't call I move onto my second goal, quilting. Keeping up with my business is very important to me because it enables my quilting habit and I want to take care of my clients and create beautiful rooms, one room at a time!

2. Quilting is my passion and second goal! My sewing room and hobby has taken over the house. Every room has bits of fabric, quilting books and notions in it. As a result, I lose things and then I have to go into all the places where I might have put them to find them. My Honda Odyssey is filled with fabric samples and books for my business but it also holds a sewing machine and fabrics for my quilting. Every once in a while, I go and clean it out and organize everything. I need to do that now, because I've lost something and need to look in the likely places. Quilting is a large part of my life as I am a member of an active quilting guild, and also a member of our Lutheran church guild where we meet twice a month to make charity quilts. I have dozens of active projects going on at one time and it would be nice to get a handle on them.

3. My third goal is my personal life. In January 2017, I embarked on a weight loss plan when I joined Bright Line Eating, an online program where you give up sugar, flour, eat 3 meals and weight and measure everything. It is the best program I have ever found and I've lost 34 lbs since January 2017. I still have about 10 to 15 to lose but now I am enjoying the process of buying clothes in a smaller size and going through my closet to find things I forgot I had and can wear again. Some of the clothes I have need alteration and I certainly know how to do this. But taking out a seam requires me to find the seam rippers that I have misplaced and the proper needle and thread to convert to sewing a knit stitch.

I belong to the Quilt and Lose team on Sparkpeople. I love this team as we help each other learn about quilting techniques, work on our UFO's and lose weight too!

I have always been a multi-tasker. I've got a lot of balls in the air right now and the older I get the harder it is to keep them in the air. Still working on it.

Thanks for reading! Carol