Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In Transit

Okay, okay, I don,t have any pictures but I am determined to become an accomplished blogger. I am still on vacation in Tennessee but this coming weekend, I am jumping into blogging and participating in a block swap. Mi'll be catching up on my sewing after two weeks of vacation! Today this is a practice blog. My husband and ! Went to Maine for a family get together after the death of his 99.5 yr old aunt. He graciously allowed me to stop by 3 lovely quilt shops. One shop had 10 or more blueberry themed fabrics and I bought fat quarters of each to make luggage tags for my guild board. The Maine blueberry is the state,s fruit and grows on low shrubs, is very small and quite tasty. Then over labor day, we had a planned trip to Tennessee with family. They left yesterday and today, we are visiting the Smoky mt national park. Home tomorrow and will see our doggies. Back to work but I will start planning my retirement in the next two yrs and amping up a quilting. Usiness. I hope to be able to make a bit of money on quilting instead of giving everything away. Until later, carol