Thursday, August 17, 2017


I've had a pretty stressful week. I still own my interior design business and I have been busy with clients lately. Usually my clients are spaced out allowing me time to sew in between on rest days. But I haven't been able to get creative at the sewing machine for over a week. Feeling withdrawal pangs. Does anyone else feel the same way when you can't get to sewing? Pushing those bits of pieces of fabric through a machine is so therapeutic!. Sometimes I get a mind block but usually I find time to sew something nearly every day. I have quilt guild tonight and made up a block to take for our BOM. And got my things ready for show and tell. Maybe I'll be inspired tomorrow to press on with the creation! I've got lots to do. My efforts to organize myself with a planner haven't worked out yet. Still planning to plan. Have a great day! Carol