Monday, February 7, 2022

What I'm Working on!

 In May of 2021 I posted my last blog in which I said I was done with making big quilts.  Fast Forward to February 2022 and I just finished Grassy Creek and now working on Rhododendron Trail by Bonnie Hunter.  Nothing like a Bonnie mystery to get you going again.  I vowed that I would finish Grassy Creek prior to Rhody Trail and I did.  Here it is on my bed.  

I told my husband it was a free quilt and he just looked at me.  Free because I used so many fabrics from my stash.  But I did buy the gray for the lozenges and the final border and a few more things.  And the backing of course but it was on sale!  And I quilted it myself but had to pay for the rental.  

At the time of my last posting, I was in the midst of having the entire house rewired.  What a mess that was and still is in some areas, awaiting the sheetrock repair and some painting to do.  I'm just tired of the mess so keep putting it off.  At the same time as the rewiring, our 3 grandkids came to spend 6 weeks with us.  Since my sewing room was dismantled due to the rewiring, I just never got back into quilting and went for several months not doing much of anything.  Finally got my mojo back. 

On to Rhododendron Trail!  Current Progress!  

I aim to work on it today and get the second half done.  Jack came out quite a bit yesterday.  As you turn the corner you have to sew on those corner blocks.  DUH!  This year, I decided to choose constant fabrics rather than scraps.  I think its turning out nicely!  And I love the green setting triangles.  
Until next time, Have a Happy Quilting Day!