Sunday, January 10, 2021

Nineteenth Century Dress Fabrics

 Its interesting the things I pick to blog about.  This is supposed to be a quilting blog but many things interest me and there you go!   Today I was reading Barbara Brackman's blog about dress fabrics.  It was so interesting I wanted to share.  Questions I had about the slaves who took care of the babies;  Did they own these dresses or were put into them for the photo?  

Barbara has done so much good writing about Civil War Era fabrics.  Enjoy!  

Monday, January 4, 2021


 Its finally arrived, 2021!  I'm not sure I'm really looking forward to a good new year but I'll try to be positive.  

January is always the day that we go on a diet or exercise program and this year is no different for me in that area.  4 years ago in 2017 I signed up for a Bright Line Eating (BLE) bootcamp and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.  Through the year, I managed to lose 34 lbs and met my first goal.  However, I had this feeling of fear come over me.  I veered from the program and have gained back 20 plus.  I dont know what the fear was about but it was real.  I think I didn't want the attention it was bringing me.  At any rate, this past year, I just went off the rails and ate and drank whatever I pleased.  

So a few weeks ago, I determined that I was going back to BLE and finally lose the weight and get to goal.  It will be a long process as I lose so slowly but I'm in!  Then along came an offer from Ruby Tuesdays that I couldn't pass up.  On one day only, Jan 1, 2021, I could sign up for a garden salad bar pass for $49.99! and I jumped at the chance.  It goes through January and I get one salad bar visit daily.  Salad and veggies are a big part of BLE and with a Ruby Tuesdays not far from my home, I can easily go every day.  And occasionally take my husband with me.  

So today was my first visit.  

I chatted with the manager and the wait staff and got a nice sized take out container with two small ones for dressing.  I filled it with lettuce, beets, carrots, cucumber, tomato, peppers and mushrooms.  A bit of chopped ham and peas to round it off.  Then I brought it all home and proceeded to weight everything, including the container and plate I was using.  We are allotted 6 to ten ounces of veggies at lunch and so I measured out about ten ounces, added 1/2 ounce dressing and enjoyed my lunch thoroughly.  I have salad left over that I can add to for dinner.  And then I enjoyed a tangerine!  

I am excited for the month of salads to come my way and I hope it works.  Portion control is key and choosing the fresh veggies rather than the calorie laden options!  I'll keep you posted.