Wednesday, November 4, 2020


 Here is a quiz for you!  There is a group on Facebook for quilt bloggers and this came from there.  It was determined that I am a generous quilter and yes, they nailed it.  I quilt for the enjoyment of it.  It can be creative, peaceful, stress relieving and satisfying.  I quickly go from one project to another.  Sometimes I just can't wait to do one block to see how it turns out.  

I eventually finish what I start or I give it away to someone who will finish it.  When a friend had breast cancer a few years back, I gave her a quilt that I had ready.  She took it with her to her treatments.  When I complete a top but not quilt it and it is big enough, I take it to my church where it becomes a quilt for Lutheran World Relief.  Those quilts are 60 by 80 but recently we decided to make baby quilts to share with a local woman's shelter.  

And my guild does charity quilting and I make a lot of smaller quilts for that purpose, most going to children.  

I've always been a giving sort of person.  I love sharing!  Have a great day!  

Sunday, November 1, 2020


 I have done a mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter for numerous years now.  So many I've lost count.  I wasn't going to do this one but when she released the colors, a trip to Lowes was in order.  Here is her link for the introduction

My reasoning for not doing the quilt was I hadn't finished Frolic from last year!  I was into sewing up a tester quilt for Kitchen Table Quilting when the clues came out and I just couldn't keep up.  Not only that, last year's clues were only partial.  Bonnie would give you parts to cut but not pieces to make and I wasn't fond of that process.  I hope she doesn't do that this year.  

I did participate in the Unity Quilt along for Quarantine.  

I'm a little further along than this but it was many many pieces and I have a bit of buckling in the center so I folded it up and put it away for now.  Maybe it will fold itself flat.  HA!  I did use up quite a bit of patriotic fabrics that I had accumulated so that made me happy and it gave me something to do while I was stuck at home.  

But back to Frolic.  I'm a member of the Quilt and Lose Team on .  This is a great team and we learn so much from each other.  I'm not sure how good we are at losing weight but we do like to quilt.  We have a monthly challenge where we list a UFO or project we want to complete and if we finish that project during the month, we might win some charms!  So I finished my October project mid month and decided I would make completing Frolic for November.  If I can get a small top finished I can then start the Grassy Creek mystery with Bonnie.  I dont have to buy one bit of fabric!  Isn't that the goal?  

Yesterday I was working on my one Frolic block for the day and my husband came in to the empty the trash.  I had a bin of parts for Frolic on the floor and he attempted to empty it into the trash bag.  Maybe I should have let him.  

Here are a few of my previous mystery quilts!  

Good Fortune done in Civil War.  This quilt went together quickly and I had most of what I needed to complete it.  

I can't remember the name of this mystery but I named it Memories of Maine.  The fabrics selected were all blueberry fabrics that I purchased in Maine when my MIL had passed.  

Alletaire was done in FSU fabrics and colors.  When I went to Lowes to get the paint chips, I was wearing this shirt!  Had to be.  

Here I was auditioning a border.  Somewhere I have a finished pic.  Maybe.  I'm not that good at taking pics.  

One of the reasons I had put Frolic away was that Jack came to visit too often and I was so over the frolicking part!  Happy quilting1