Saturday, May 22, 2021


 All of a sudden I'm done making quilts!  Oh, not really but the process of making a large quilt is over.  For one thing, I have 3 unfinished large quilts waiting for borders, or to be sewn together and then quilted.  Bonnie Hunter's Grassy Creek is one of them.  All the blocks are done but I'm not inspired to sew them together.  

I will get this done prior to Bonnie's new mystery but not even sure I will participate.  I usually like to participate because it uses up so much fabric and 98 % of this quilt was all from stash.  

The second quilt I need to finish is the Saturday Sampler from Stitcher's Quest.  

Maybe I'll take that bag with me to sit and sew today to see if I can work on it.  I'm hoping those blocks above are actually sewn together but maybe not!  I have it all done and borders cut so why not finish it?  

And the third one is Stitch Pink from Moda's October sew along.  It was 30 days of blocks.  It is all finished except the final border.  Maybe i'll take it and cut the borders.  

Now that I have a list maybe I can get to these!  I wont be sewing much in the next few weeks as our home is being rewired and my sewing room will be dismantled.  Maybe I can get it painted!  Now is the time.  
I need  to decide what I'm going to make instead of large quilts!  Bags, potholders, crafty items, pincushions, stuff to sell at our church craft fair.  No masks!  And garments!  Need to get back into that!  My 3 grandchildren are coming to visit for 5 weeks in June and July.   That will be interesting!