Thursday, February 25, 2021


 I follow Jo Kramer's blog and today she talked about irons.

So I thought I would give you my two cents on irons for what it is worth.  

I bought one of those $300 irons from a quilt show that lasted maybe two years. I sent it back to have a new heater put in it. Cost $55. Lasted about 6 months and died. My husband went out and bought a Hamilton Beach $25 iron from Big Lots. It is going strong still. I never use steam but my son decided to use steam with it and it leaked all over everything. I said no more so husband went out and bought an iron just for them. Even though I had one sitting on the shelf. Mine has an auto shut but only after sitting for a while. I like that part. Because sometimes I walk out and leave it on all night.

I like Jo's idea of going to thrift shops to buy irons for $2.  Hopefully, they put a tag on them that says WORKS like hers did.  How do you know it works if you can't plug it in?  I dont go to Thrift stores very often as I certainly don't need anymore junk.  I need to get rid of the junk.  

I do have several irons sitting around the house but I do prefer the Hamilton Beach one so the rest never get tried.  I keep a spray bottle of water in my sewing room and I also have Best Press.  I was cleaning out my closet this week and found a gallon of Best Press I forgot I had.  Time to refill all the small ones.  I really dont use either very often but will when I need to.

In an online group recently, there was discussion about setting your seams vs not setting your seams.  I have never gotten into the habit of seam setting but I did notice, that when I tried it, my blocks were flatter.  Maybe they were onto something, those folks who always set their seams.  There was a quilter in my group whose name was Ruth.  I watched her once in a sewing session and she always set, pressed, flipped and pressed.  She had quite a way of doing it quickly.  Ruth has since passed but I will always fondly remember her for her smile and her pressing abilities.  Until next time, sew your heart out!  

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