Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I invented a new term, PPP, (previously purchased projects). I have plenty of those around. Last night, as we were watching the Florida State football game (yea NOLES) I brought out boxes of fabric to sort. I ended up with a bag of scraps to donate or pitch and 7 organized boxes. Why is it that quilters find it so difficult to part with little tiny pieces of scrap fabric? Do we actually think that someone else wants them? At any rate, my new stash consists of a large plastic storage bin literally full of green fabric, primarily hunter green from the 90's I would say. This stash came from another quilter who left it to our church and I wound up with it. Green must have been her favorite color. I also have another bin of reds and pinks and three smaller bins of Christmas fabrics. NOw one of my new ideas for a project will consist of making a jelly roll type of quilt using only green strips with an occasional red thrown in. That would be kind of pretty. I can visualize myself standing at my cutting counter and stripping away. OH, how fun! I was on Bee in my Bonnet this morning and she was talking about starting a new project and I thought, I have too many PPP's and UFO's already to start something completely new, like buying new fabric. I think I will see if I can go the whole month of January without buying any new fabric. We'll see. Carol

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  1. Here's a link to a good blog that talks about using scraps, complete with tutorial on it and Flickr group. It makes such a pretty quilt. Maybe it's something you could do to use up those scraps you've collected? Love the quilts on yesterday's post!