Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 Most of you know that I follow Jo Kramer and her daughters on their blog https://www.joscountryjunction.com/a-day-with-kelli-and-kayla and todays post was definitely a bit of eye candy.  Jo and her daughters Kelli, and Kayla took a road trip to Green Springs Wisconsin to visit Country Sampler Quilt Shop.  OMG I want to go there but going to Wisconsin isn't exactly on my schedule right now. So I did the next best thing!  I read Jo's blog and admired all the pictures and then went to the Country Sampler Website.  You can find that here http://www.sgcountrysampler.com/jeannes-blog-2/

Well I just had to sign up for their newsletter and blog.  Kayla suggested that the decor of the shop might be a cross between French Country and Primitive!  I think she might be right, definitely Primitive and probably leans more toward French Provincial.  So all of this led me to the internet to define some of these terms.  

According to Google, French provincial colors are inspired by the landscape with warm gold, earthy greens, cobalt blues and russet reds.  The Country Sampler folks have achieved this color palette nicely!  Combined with grey backgrounds,  these colors play well!  Who would normally think about combining golds and browns with grey?  Is it grey or gray?  Gray is more common in the US and grey in the UK, like Earl Grey Tea.  I use them interchangeably having lived in both places.  

Country Sampler says they specialize in these things:  reproduction civil war, primitive style folk art, and trending vintage farmhouse design.  These three things translate well into their decor and I just wish I could transport myself into their shop to see it all together.

As an interior designer of 35 years. I can appreciate combining all of the above styles and colors into a cohesive look.  The shop also carries a great line of primitive cross stitch which I also adore.  There are a lot of country design styles, English country, French country, and American Country.  With each, you get similar looks and colors but a definite variation in each countries interpretation.

We had a Director of Design with my company that absolutely loved French Country.  In the 90's there was a big trend of using yellow and blue and white along with toiles, both formal and informal.  Toile is a name for linen type fabrics but usually depicts a pastoral setting in one color on a white or cream background.  

 There are many pastoral scenes including Asian, Country, French Provincial and more.  A toile is a beautiful design element for any room.  

I enjoyed this tour through the Country Sampler Quilt Shop!  Or Shoppe as the English would say.  Hope you did too!  

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  1. Not very far from me. Maybe about 3 hours. Probably won't be getting there in near future though.